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Work Hard Athletics Web Design & Branding
babybay® bedside sleepers - Creative Direction
Plexuss Student Network - "where colleges compete for you"

As product design manager and graphic designer at Plexuss, I managed development, marketing and graphics team through all aspects of print design, marketing,  UX/UI. I was responsible for developing the brand of Plexuss, creating content, concepts, documentation and logic, wireframes, mockups, the future mobile app, and responsive experience. I created the designs below from concept to prototypes. Built on Foundation ZURB platform.

the new college application img
plexuss 404 page
plexuss mobile app sign in img
plexuss app messages img
plexuss messenger app with college
plexuss joyride
plexuss choose a profile
plexuss complete profile
Sales Central Control In-house Analytics Backend

The sales team at Plexuss was finding it difficult to track client activity. They requested a way to see data and analytics in one easily accessible place so they could find the clients who need the most attention. I found out the exact data they wished to view, what filtering capabilities they would like and any other interactions needed, such as being able to message a client from where they were also viewing their data. I conceptualized and designed the Sales Control Center. It was customized specifically for our sales team's needs. As a result customer service response improved and our team has a transparent view of client and user activity.

Next World Group 

Next World Group is an international investment firm aspiring to combine long-term capital and impact on society. I worked off of the wireframes created by the art director of Mana Productions to design the feel of the Home page and the template for the team page and single team member pages.

Fish Hub & Cape Cod Fisheries Trust Annual Report

At Amplifier Strategies (Mana Productions) we worked with the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust to create and design an annual report to showcase CCFT’s impact to stakeholders. I worked on the design of the "Impact" section.

Fish Hub is a platform made to help fisherman run their business. It pulls all fishing info together in one place and allows fishermen to create budgets, track quota and share data with the push of a button. Wheelhouse is a social app that keeps you connected to your fishing community. I worked from wireframes and fleshed out the design of the user interface and made sure the branding of Fish Hub was carried throughout.

Presans Layout

Presans helps the world's leading companies to access worldwide intelligence and knowledge, by identifying, qualifying and engaging for them the best experts across a broad range of industries and disciplines. While at Mana Productions I was tasked with designing the layout of the solutions pages and upgrading the infographics for the page.

RÉMIS KENNELS Website Design
Wireframing sample

Some initial wireframes using Balsamiq for the site tutor bro, an anonymous tutoring site. A little extra tutoring can change lives, so we're creating a place where students don't need to be bashful about what they need help with. My client earned the name "tutorbro" after helping several people online. This project is still in development.


Tattify Branding, Packaging, & Web Design
tattifys story
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tattify mood board
tattify final logo
tattify site img
tattify site inspiration
tattify mockups
tattify mobile view
tattify packaging design
tattify send a tatsnap img
Plexuss Style Guide
College Care Package Kickstarter Campaign
Vegelante - Branding & Packaging Design
Juice Lab Branding & Packaging Design
juice lab logo
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Album branding for musician Bryce Shumate

graphic design

Banners for Tattify
News article covers for Plexuss
Panaderia Mobile Game Google Play Screenshot Ads
Banners for  Fluid Film


Tattify email campaigns
babybay® templates
Delvv welcome email
Plexuss birthday email campaign 

print design

Men's Health Magazine Nov 2013 Issue. Pg. 140
Advertisement for Frankie's Mission  
Published Books
image of published books
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Marketing Collateral
chat with colleges postcard
plexuss chat with colleges postcard
plexuss battle colleges postcard
plexuss postcard take control
San Francisco Theater Festival Poster Design
theatre festival poster design
Poster for PG&E Distracted Driving Campaign
pg and e distracted driving poster


digital illustration lucky
digital illustration of poison ivy
Medical Illustrations for Tumorpedia App
Character Designs
digital illustration character design
brochure illustrations
Video Animation

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